Hear “YES, I’m in!” 9 out of 10 calls - EPIC At Sales

I remember a time when I was FREAKING out about money. We’re talking real freak out… like “how are we going to pay the mortgage + get groceries” type freak out. I was feeling desperate and anxious. And as you might guess this was NOT great energy to have on a sales call.

Prospects can feel it.  Even if you are saying “all the right things” they can FEEL your desperation, anxiety any low level feelings and it is NOT client attractive. So what did I do to turn this around even before the money started flowing in? What can you do, right now to shift from “I HAVE to get this client” to hearing “YES, I’m in!” on 9 out of 10 of your next calls?

It’s simple… detach from the outcome of the call.

Now here is the HOW 🙂

  • Acknowledge where you really are and commit to making it different vs worrying about what happens if you don’t make money
  • Reality Check In: This is NOT your only or last chance to make a sale. In fact the money you desire might not even come from the call you are on, your role is to be in motion so what you desire can come your way.
  • Stack the Universal Deck in your favor. If you have 1 discovery call on the calendar, it can feel like “this one HAS to work” shift out of that energy by booking 5 calls so you have 5 opportunities vs only 1
  • Daily mindset work.  Consistently keeping your mind in check will let you invite people for sales calls from a place of high vibration vs desperation.
  • Practice Detachment in all parts of your life as well as sales.  Detachment doesn’t mean you don’t care… it just means you are not attached to a specific way something has to work out.

Clearing your energy prior to a discovery call is #1 priority and can take just a few moments.