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Laura’s On a Misson

With over 18+ years of selling experience and 39+ million in sales under my belt I know that while you MUST sell to BE in business, you don’t have to struggle or feel slimy while you do it.  My mission is to support Entrepreneurs just like YOU to master the art of selling in a way that feels GREAT and Creates Crazy High close rates.

What Others Are Saying

Celebrating $7219 booked income TODAY, the 2nd of the month, after our crazy awesome call on Tuesday where she supported me like a BOSS. The most exciting thing is seeing my discovery session booking efforts paying OFF. Just had to do some happy dancing up and let you all know that working with Laura is worth every cent. Yes she offers great mega value freebies but you want the 1:1 with her. Trust me. Much love lady!

Tamika Auwai


When I met Laura, my business felt completely stalled. I’d had one amazing 5 figure month, and then had no idea how to repeat that success. Fast forward to today…  I have the tools to create sales calls out of thin air – literally AND I know how to facilitate a sales call without clamming up There were two big takeaways from our work together: 1) You have to feel good about what you’re selling, otherwise you won’t sell it! For so long, I took the packages my coach’s had created for me and tried selling them without loving them. The result? I didn’t sell anything… After working with Laura, I never again sold something I wasn’t beyond enthusiastic about and it’s shown in my bottom line!  2) Ask for the sale!!!!!! Sales really IS love – you’re creating space for a person to transform their life. There is nothing sleazy or wrong about that. If you are thinking about working with her you need to know, Laura is amazing!!! She is an expert when it comes to sales and will help you rewire your sales mindset. If you’re looking to increase your bottom line – she is your person!

Alionka Polanco

Before working with Laura I was booking about 3-4 discovery calls per month and charging half the rate I am today. Now I have a steady flow of 4-6 discovery calls per WEEK and have more than DOUBLED my profit. If you’re ready to totally up-level your business, I highly recommend working with Laura!

Nicole Jackson