Can small changes make a difference? - EPIC At Sales

You might say maybe… I say YES. Here is my fave kind of math and a SUPER Simple Path to 6-figures.

10% MORE (aka. follow the numbers)

Let’s say your average package is $1200 total or $400 x 3 months and these are your average monthly numbers:

# Of outreach emails: 45
# Of Sales calls: 10
# Of YES’s: 1
$ Banked: $400
$ Booked: $1200

What a difference 10% makes across the board…

10% MORE # Of outreach emails: 49
10% MORE # Of Sales calls:  11
10% MORE # Of YES’s: 2  << (this is going from a 10% conversion rate to a 20% conversion rate)
10% MORE + 10% rate increase $ Banked: $880
10% MORE + 10% rate increase $ Booked: $2640

>>> YES – 10% increase all across the board = More than DOUBLE income.

Best of all, when you sell programs that offer payment plans each month you build upon your base so with the same effort each month you still grow your income.

Let’s say you only bring on ONE new client each month

Month 1: 1 client
Month 2: 1 + 1
Month 3: 1 + 2
Month 4: 1 + 3

If each client pays $400/mo at the end of 4 months even if you ONLY sign on ONE new client each month you move from $400/mo to $1600/mo. Now these are small numbers, and honestly you might be thinking…

“Great Laura, but what if I really want $10k-$20k/month?”

Excellent! Let’s go for it! What if your regular rates were $1k per month for a 6 month program.  For each client you book, it’s $6k and you sign on 3 new clients each and every month.

Month 1: 3 clients
Month 2: 3 + 3
Month 3: 3 + 6
Month 4: 3 + 9 = 12 total clients

At $1k/month you have a base of $12,000 per month and after month 4 you would have booked $72,000 in income. Do that even 2 times per year and you have $144,000 in income. Increase to 3 times you have $216,000

(EPIC SALES HINT: You may not even need to add on NEW clients each month as you support your current clients to continue on with you after their initial program :))

But here is the thing theory is great but where the magic lays is in customizing YOUR exact needs, desires and goals with a custom to YOU way to close more sales and then TAKING ACTION. If you are ready to make that shift, to once and for all master your sales conversation all in a way that is 100% aligned to you and designed to get your ideal client to Yes! (and your own path to 6+ Figures) Then join me for a 1:1 call where we will activate your Next Aligned Steps so that you can…

– Activating Your Inner RockStar Selling Confidence
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– Put MO.NEY In The Bank << BIG TIME

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As you know the work I do is highly personalized so there is a limit to the number of people I can serve at one time.

My commitment to you:

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