Sales... It’s all about the numbers, right? - EPIC At Sales

Sales… It’s all about the numbers, right? And you NEED more sales calls on your calendar to get more clients. To get more income, right? Short answer NO.

More sales calls simply EQUALS…well, MORE sales calls. To sign on more clients + increasing your income boils down to your ability to qualify and then close the calls you have on your calendar. In fact just this week a brand new client of mine hosted only 3 calls and closed all 3. On Friday, I also hosted just 3 calls and signed on 3 new clients. (On one call was with a brand new connection – at the 33min mark I was collecting their payment info)

3 for 3 = 100%

(not sure the significance of “3”… any of my numbers folks know what this means?:)) So how can you close 3 out of 3 or even KNOW you will close 1 or 2 out of each 3 calls? All it takes is ONE simple pre-qualifying question. The answer to this one question is how I determine who gets a sales call… and who doesn’t.

This ONE simple tool allows for an INCREDIBLY huge close rate and keeps me from having to fill my calendar with 300 sales calls to meet my goals. (ok I’d be cool with that b/c I LOVE sales calls but I’m guessing you << Test First Name >>wouldn’t. :))

Here is my ONE Simple Pre-Qualifying question:

>>> What is your current/biggest struggle with sales…and Why?

When a prospect answers this one question I can immediately tell

  1. A) If I am able to support them
    B) If they are ready to change their circumstances

As you are doing your regular outreach try to fit in some pre-qualifying questions to make sure that the people you choose to have sales conversations with are a match for YOU.