High End Offers - EPIC At Sales

Years back I offered Done for You Sales services. 7 Figure Coaches and Entrepreneurs alike would hire me to sell their High End Offers. When I worked in Corporate my client roster included BIG companies like ExxonMobil, Staples and NPR. What did these types of clients have in common? For both of these types of clients a sale less than $25K was tiny and on average we were talking $1 to $4 Million for average sales. This was a great match for many reasons.

Today I want to share with you a few ways that High End Offers benefit you as as you build YOUR thriving 6-7 Figure business.

Money is the energy of commitment. When a client invests BIG, they are more likely to follow your exact instructions and by doing so see BIG results. Just think about it. If you invested $25,000 in a VIP day would you no-show if the weather was nasty?  What if you invested $20,000 for a 4 month coaching program… do you think you would show up for EVERY coaching call, prepared, having done every single thing you committed to do between the calls?  I’m guessing YES. Allow your clients to get results by having a BIG investment in their own results.

High Paying Clients Make Faster Decisions. Why is this? Folks who are investing at a higher level usually, have done the inner work to get to where they are today… This inner money mindset work means that they are clear about making decisions that support their business growth. The key is by the time that they are connecting with you on a discovery call it’s to see if you are a fit to work together – NOT to see if they can afford to work with you.

When you are making more money you can give more to your clients.  Think about it. if you need to work with 30 clients/month to earn $20,000/month and you are giving everyone an hour a week for their packages that leaves very little time for you to market your business, work ON your business and have time for self care… not to mention giving extra support to your clients to make sure they are staying on track with their results.  Now let’s say you only worked with 5 clients in that same month to draw forward $20,000. Imagine how much more time freedom you have and how that can translate to you being more present for your clients to support them with greater results.

Bigger Impact.  With higher priced packages you have a greater opportunity to give back.  Weather that is by employing others to support you in delivering your offers (think PA’s, VA’s, Web Designers, Mentors – all the behind the scenes support you need) or donating your time or money to charities of your choice.  Higher end offers also attract leaders as clients – you know the people who serve MANY… when you support them, you are also supporting their communities.

The power of High End offer they support YOU in making more money, your clients in getting BETTER results and making a bigger impact in the world.