Creating A Sales Mindset - EPIC At Sales

I had such an amazing time with the incredibly talented Amanda Mock on her great podcast! See the awesomeness below 🙂



  • It all starts from your confidence on the product and service. If you don’t feel comfortable with what you are offering, you won’t be comfortable selling it.
  • Your personal state can keep you from getting the close, if you are in a negative state, or not in a good state of mind, it can and will keep you from closing the sale.
  • The best way to combat this is the “BeyoncĂ© Effect”. This is where you allow yourself to have a part of you that enjoys what you are about to do. For BeyoncĂ© this is Sasha Fierce.  It is different for everyone, for me I am the “Dream Crusher”.
  • It’s more than adopting an alternative personality, it’s about tapping into a part of you that is already there, and letting it be what helps you shine during a sales call.
  • Sales and building a funnel really comes down to caring about your audience and why it matters, so to bring your persona for sales down to that can help a lot.
  • Follow the EPIC Plan:
    • E – Enjoy
      You HAVE to enjoy your products or services, and your clients. If you love what you offer and are able to see how it helps others it makes all the difference.
    • P – Profitable
      It has to be profitable, if it’s not profitable, it’s not sustainable.
    • I – Intentional
      Everything you do during your sales process needs to have a purpose, it cannot be you randomly trying things for the sake of it.
    • C – Conscious
      Being conscious of what you are doing and how it contributes to your audience.
  • If you are struggling to find your persona first address what’s bothering you and keeping you from moving forward, address it so you can move on.
  • Paying attention to your energy levels is important. If you make it so you can make fewer choices before you jump on a sales call, or even during the sales process, you will improve your ability to close the sale.