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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire An Online Sales Specialist

There comes a moment in your entrepreneurial journey where you realize you simply cannot do it all AND create a multi 7-figure business.


In my 23+ years of business building experience, there is hands down one critical hire that is required to finally let you truly leverage your time, talent and energy so that you can move from burned out service provider to having a truly scalable and, often, sellable business. 


This one position you hire is a GAME Changer.

It’s the exact position that has moved ALL of my multi-6 figure ambitions clients into the 7-figure earning territory and on the path to… well, unlimited sales.

What your business is craving is an (Online) Sales Specialist.

Imagine taking a long overdue family vacation and KNOWING that when you return…

  • There are several high ticket sales closed, new ideal clients in your programs, money flowing in consistently without you having to host long sales calls.
  • Ideal prospects are being nurtured and primed to buy.
  • There are no more frustrating calls where it feels like you’re wasting time with under qualified buyers.  

After spending the last 10 years in the Online Space, here’s what I know in order to grow your business beyond the 6-figure mark: You can’t keep sales on your plate. Nor should you have to.

Sales calls are the most effective and powerful ways to enroll High Ticket Clients.   Having a Sales Specialist available and dedicated to closing business on your behalf via those sales calls allows you to scale with ease.

Sales Specialists or entire sales teams is the secret behind the growth you see for so many Entrepreneurs who go from a 1M per year business to 10+ M the next year.

If this sounds like something you’re ready to experience, read on. 

Now, hiring a full sales team might sound overwhelming. It might sound intimidating, but if you’re an online coach or an online consultant,  what you probably are missing is an online sales specialist who can take those sales calls off of your plate. 

You’re probably familiar with the term online business manager. These are those glorious people inside of your business that take care of all of the administration tasks.  A Sales Specialist is someone who can take over the sales side of your business in a very similar way, freeing you to do what you do best.

The number one mistake I see entrepreneurs make is hiring an (online) Sales Specialist too soon, which leads to missed opportunities, failed sales and a lot of frustration.  

Because here’s the truth. Most likely you need more sales right now to scale your business to the level you desire.  And if you’re anything like the amazing women I work with daily, you don’t want to waste any time, money or energy doing things the hard way.

In my company, EPIC At Sales, we do things differently.

Here are my simple 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire An (online) Sales Specialist so that you can take that next step in your business confidently.


  1. Too Many Leads.  Oh yes, if you are out there consistently marketing your business, you quite possibly have MORE leads than you have time to respond to.  

Do a check in? Do you have more leads coming in than you have time to speak to on sales calls?

Sarah* came to me with one of the best “problems” in business.  She had more people ready to work with her than she had time for sales calls.  This was a perfect moment to take the leap and hire a Sales Specialist to help her handle her overflow of leads.  I remember in our first conversation we talked about how she was concerned… “
What if the new Sales Specialist doesn’t close the sales and I’ve wasted those great leads?” 

Here is what I shared with Sarah: “Right now you have too many people to speak too, so even if you send your new Sales Specialist 30 leads and she only closes 1 that’s one more client than you would have even had time to talk to, much less close.”

She took that leap hiring one Sales Specialist and now 5 years later runs one of the most successful businesses I’ve seen with a full TEAM of Sales Specialists.

2. Too Little Time.  Is your CEO scheduled “FULL”?  So many of my clients come my way because they are too busy serving current clients to bring on new clients, which then creates a feast and famine cycle.

I remember my client Tina* who came to me in a common quandary.

She needed more sales, but didn’t have any more time for sales calls. Her calendar was filled with client delivery leaving little or no time for sales calls or business development.  So every few months she found herself needing to  scramble to fill her client roster, then scramble to serve those clients and neglect the business development side of her business and as you can image she found herself stuck in a feast or famine cycle.

It was clear she was ready for an online Sales Specialist to leverage her time.  We hired a Sales Specialist who took over the role of nurturing leads, reaching out to new prospects and consistently closing new business. Now she has a consistently growing client base and income flow each and every month.

Sales Calls Feel Draining.  Even if you are a skilled salesperson, there can come a point where you are no longer energized hosting prospect calls and individually closing clients.  Maybe you are even starting to get No’s when you used to getting Yeses OR you are feeling drained after hosting sales calls.

In my book No Woman Down we have EPIC LAW #5: The Less I Work The More I make.  What this boils down to is Sales is energetic, if it’s draining you there is a chance that it’s no longer the highest and best use of your time as the CEO of your business.  Taking you out of this role and hiring a Sales Specialist will let you free up your time to do the high level work you’re meant to do.

4. Sales Calls Are FUN but taking your precious time that is needed for creating new programs 

This is similar to the experience of sales calls feeling draining but the difference is that you have more important things that need your attention inside your business in order to grow to the level you seek.  

I remember a conversation with a client not too long ago.  She invested quite a bit in a Sales Funnel that was designed to put sales calls on her calendar.  She was really excited and also worried… this was a BIG investment and what if it didn’t “work”.  We’ve all been there.  During our conversation we got really clear that what she was really cluing into was that in order for this investment to pan out she needed to no longer go it alone as the sole sales person inside her company.  

By simply hiring ONE sales specialist she was able to offer more than 30 additional open times for sales calls each month, not something she could have ever done on her own.

What would it do for YOUR business if you had availability for an additional 30 sales conversations to be hosted while you served clients, vacationed with your family, created new courses or content… you name it? 

A Proven Scalable Offer.  Yes if you have an offer that is tailored made for your ideal client, which is already selling like hotcakes it’s time to turn up the dial and hand over sales to your Sales Specialist.

This is probably the most powerful and fastest way to scale successfully with a Sales Specialist.  When a highly trained and motivated sales specialist has in her hands a proven offer that is clear to sell and easy to buy, the sky’s the limit for income potential.  

One of my beloved clients messaged me the other day.  She has a powerful program and for a while only drew in about 30 clients each year.  Why 30? The program is the best I’ve ever seen, the number of sales was tied to how labor intensive the program was to deliver and the number of sales calls she could host each year.  With a few tweaks to her offer and opening space for a team of Sales Specialists, she is now on track to welcome in more than 100 people to her program this year and my sense is next year that number will 10x.

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’re starting to identify with a few of the signs above. 

Now here is my very favorite part of identifying the 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire An (online) Sales Specialist.  You don’t need all 5 to be ready.  In fact it’s probably time to get started if you can say yes to even one of the 5 above.

If you’re clear it’s time for a Sales Specialist in your business, but are thinking about all the “How’s”, let’s get on a call.  My team and I are here to help you scale beyond 6-figures and take all the guesswork out of hiring, training and motivating your sales specialist.

*names changed to honor NDA agreements